Dear friends,

Over the past 10 years, Herald has made significant strides, rising above the crises and glories of half a century to become one of Korea's fastest growing and most profitable media companies. With "Reimagine!" as our core philosophy, nevertheless, we are determined to surpass the traditional boundary of information and education businesses and play a more meaningful role in shaping healthier lives and a healthier world.

In the course of traveling that path, we have strengthened our focus on people and the environment. We make it a priority to reduce our environmental footprint with Herald Ecochem's eco-friendly industrial materials and promote a healthier lifestyle with Herald Ecofarm's organic and natural foods. Our extensive information and education network will also serve as a powerful tool to spread the importance of environmentalism and humanism to the largest possible audience.

The year 2013 marks the 60th anniversary of Herald, an important milestone for a company founded in the devastating aftermath of the Korean War. It will also unfold a new era of growth linked to our deep commitment to the environment and humanity.

Please join us in the celebration of re-imagined Herald. Thank you.

Jungwook Hong
Chairman, Herald Corporation

Business Result since 2000

· Providing English Course Books for more than 500 public elementary schools in Korea.

· Herald Course Book Series got certified by Seoul and Busan City Education Office.

· Providing English Course Books for English Villages in Seoul-Kwanak, Poongnap, Mokpo, Geoje, Busan, Anasan as a main program text books.

· Providing English education programs and text books for more than 300 franchise campuses and language institutes in Korea.

Sung-A Grace Hong
CEO, Herald Academy Inc.
Secretary General, SEV